Squash and Beyond at Williams College :: Est in 2003

  • Squash and Beyond Camps was established in 2003 at Williams College in Williamstown, MA. It offers the most in-depth squash training experience in the world.

    Squash and Beyond World Tours was established in 2006 in pursuit of broadening cultural experiences for young squash players. It offers the most enjoyable and diverse squash training experience for participants who want to travel internationally and learn from the best coaches in every city they visit.

    Squash and Beyond Foreign Language Abroad was established in 2012. It is the first program to combine intensive squash training with foreign language immersion and cultural exploration abroad. Our language instructors are native speakers as well as experienced teaching associates in the language departments of Williams College; they will provide a total of 60 hours of instruction (two daily one-and-a-half-hour sessions) and 30 hours of supervised conversational practice (two daily one-hour sessions). While practicing the language of the host country, students will train in a local squash club with an experienced squash instructor and will receive two hours of intensive squash training and one hour of fitness training each weekday. On weekdays, students will also spend part of each day in supervised exploration of the city around them. On weekends, the group will make supervised day trips out of the city to places of interest within a few hours’ ride by train or bus.

    All three programs, US Camps, World Tours, and Foreign Language Abroad, give young squash players the opportunity to learn and practice their game in a fun and safe environment with the most knowledgeable squash coaches out there.