Squash and Science – Summer 2023

Ages: 10-16

The Williams College Squash and Beyond program expanded in the summer of 2017 to include a Science component for middle school aged students. As with other Squash and Beyond education programs, our philosophy remains the same; helping students improve their squash game while also promoting their passion for Science in a fun environment. As part of the Squash and Science Camp participants will conduct chemical experiments every day in a Williams College laboratory. After an initial introduction to laboratory equipment and techniques, camp participants will begin testing hypotheses through experiments that will reveal fundamental principles of the molecular world. The topics covered during the week-long experience will include the fundamental nature of all the stuff in the universe, the structure and properties of substances in terms of the forces that hold atoms and molecules together, and the principles of chemical reactivity examined through a variety of chemical reactions. At the end of each lab the instructors will demonstrate a series of chemical mysteries that will set the stage for the next day’s experiments.

How does it works?

The program will run for six days (Sunday-Friday). Campers will take part in ten hours of science lab from 12 noon to 2 pm daily. none of the campers participating in the science class  will not miss out on any squash related activities and will attend all evening activities. There will be no homework assignment during the week.

The instructor:


Charles (Chip) Lovett, PhD. Since 1985, Professor Lovett has been a member of the Chemistry Department at Williams College, teaching a variety of courses including introductory chemistry, biochemistry, and the chemistry of AIDS. He has also served as Director of the Science Center, Chair of the Science Executive Committee, and Chair of the Science Funding Committee, Chair of the Chemistry Department, the Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Program, and the Bioinformatics, Genomics, and Proteomics Program. Professor Lovett has been director of the Summer Science Program for science-oriented incoming Williams students from disadvantaged backgrounds since 1998. He also conducts a summer science program at Williams for 5th and 6th grade students.

Participants in this education program will enjoy a normal squash camp experience as part of the squash session.