Zafi Levy : Squash and Beyond Founder

  • Zafi Levy has a passion for coaching squash. Excited and full of energy, he spends his summers ensuring that teen squash players have fun while improving their game. Each day during week you will see him out on the courts coaching the kids, as well as taking part in all night activities; all to ensure that everyone has the best Squash and Beyond experience possible.

Since 2003, Squash and Beyond Camps at Williams College has been the leading summer squash program in the U.S.  Our instructors—some of the best squash coaches and professional players in the world—have helped thousands of young players take their squash game to the next level.

2006: After a successful camp was thriving at Williams College, we discovered a need for a program that offers both squash playing and cultural experience. The premise of Squash and Beyond World is to provide teen squash players an opportunity to travel and learn of different cultures while training with local coaches and junior players. Please visit our Squash and Beyond world page to learn more about the different programs we offer this summer

2010: Squash and Beyond Education was added to the Squash and Beyond offering. over the past seven years, the program has expended to seven different education fields ranging from ACT/SAT preparatory classes, math, statistics, science, College Essay, Community work and even driving school. Please visit our Squash and Beyond Education page to learn more about the different programs we offer this summer.

2011: Squash and Beyond Language was added to the Squash and Beyond umbrella of programs offering Spanish and French classes as part of the squash camp. Starting 2016, the Squash and Language courses will be hosted at Williams College in order to provide the campers better facilities, advance squash training, all in a safe and accommodating environment. Please visit our Squash and Beyond Language page to learn more about the different programs we offer this summer.

2017: We added Squash and Beyond Outdoors to our list of programs in order to provide campers that hold the passion for outdoor activities such as fly fishing and golf, the opportunity to take part in a squash program that combines these extra curriculum activities. Please visit our Squash and Beyond Outdoors page to learn more about the different programs we offer this summer.

All different programs give young squash players the opportunity to learn and practice their game in a fun and safe environment with the most knowledgeable squash coaches out there. We believe in balance: the squash training is professional and intense, but we also make sure campers enjoy their time off the court.

As a father of two young boys as well as a coach, I know that even as parents encourage their children to enjoy new and challenging experiences like Squash and Beyond, they worry about their safety.  I plan and oversee all our programs to ensure that our campers have the safest experience possible as well as a great time.  All our sessions are closely supervised by the coaching staff day and night, and we require our campers and students to demonstrate individual responsibility and mutual respect.

If you’re looking for a summer experience that combines world-class squash training with first-rate opportunities to learn, grow and to have fun, come join us this Summer at Squash and Beyond!


Zafi Levy

Director, Squash and Beyond

Head Squash Coach, Williams College