World Tours :: Safety Regulations

Student safety is our top priority.

  • Squash and Beyond World proactively takes precautions to prevent and reduce risk to our students. We hire mature coaches with significant coaching and travel experience. And we expect our student participants to conduct themselves respectfully and responsibly while traveling abroad. Squash and Beyond World is committed to leading exceptional overseas programs that enable unique and remarkable experiences for our students.

To ensure the safety of all World Tour participants, we::

  • obtain detailed pre-departure health information from each student.
  • purchase AIG medical and medical evacuation insurance for each student.
  • provide each student with an emergency contact card of local support staff, local emergency services, US embassy support lines, and emergency taxi service.
  • personally select each centrally-located, tourist-class hotel (never hostel) for every tour.
  • operate our squash program in reputable squash clubs.
  • provide passenger vans or private cars for ground transportation between cities.
  • offer tours only in western countries.
  • do not operate programs in countries flagged with a US State Department Travel Warning.
  • Participant Code of Conduct

    Students are responsible for their safety. Sensible participant behavior is critical in ensuring a safe and healthy experience. All Squash and Beyond World participants are legally minors and are, ultimately, under Squash and Beyond World’s supervision while overseas. We expect our participants to act in a safe and thoughtful manner. Participants should obey their coaches at all times. Squash and Beyond World reserves the right to remove participants from the tour. If a participant’s actions undermine his/her safety and the safety of other members in the group, he/she must leave the tour. Squash and Beyond encourages participants and their parents to have in-depth discussions about safety before and during the tour overseas.