World Tours :: FAQ

How much is it to enroll?

If enrolling on a World Tour 60 days or more before the tour begins, students are required to pay a tuition deposit of $1000. If enrolling on a World Tour 60 days or less before the tour begins students are required to pay the full amount $4500

What does the tuition cover?

The tuition covers all accommodation expenses, food, courts fees, tournament registration fees, insurance to international destinations, and all transportation costs once the trip begins. Students will be responsible for the costs of a physician’s exam (if required) and travel to and from meeting site. You should be able to fully participate without any additional expense.

What is not included in the tuition?

Airfare to the start and end point, personal insurance and personal expenses.

What is the Refund Policy?

Prior to May 10, all tuition, except $1000, is fully refundable. Cancellations must be made in writing. After May 10, there are no refunds unless the vacant spot is taken by another participant. Unless covered by insurance, campers sent home for medical reasons or at the discretion of the camper, family, trip leader or Squash and Beyond World Tours will not receive a refund. Campers sent home for breaking any part of the participation agreement are not eligible for a refund. We reserve the right to cancel any trip before the date of departure. If cancellation should occur you have the option of a complete refund or transfer to another program.

What makes Squash & Beyond World Tours different from summer camps and adventure programs?

Squash and Beyond World is the first program which offers squash players the opportunity to play squash at the highest level while experiencing an exciting and comprehensive tour of a foreign country. Squash and Beyond World Tours are fun and exciting. They are about challenging one to do things one never thought possible and discovering one’s true potential.

Who participate in Squash and Beyond World tours?

Squash and Beyond World Tours are open to strong squash players, in good physical condition, who want to improve their level of play while experience an unforgettable social and cultural experience. You must be at least 14 years old to enroll. Overall, the male/female ratio is close to 50/50.

Who are your instructors?

The Squash and Beyond World instructors are mature and experienced squash professionals. All of the coaches are head coaches or assistant coaches at top squash clubs, high schools, or U.S colleges and Universities. The tour leaders are residents of the country visited. The instructors know inside out the course they lead and possess a passion for coaching, travel, and working with young squash players.

Can my best friend and I participate in Squash and Beyond World Tours course together?

Squash and Beyond World Tours is about stepping outside one’s comfort zone. Being with people you do not know is all a part of the experience. In a small group setting, friends or spouses may become too competitive or, on the other hand, too dependent on each other. For that reason, it is encouraged that friends or spouses participate in different tours.

How are the squash players grouped?

Courses are grouped primarily by the interest of destinations. Most groups are co-ed, with 6-12 students.

Do I need to be in great shape?

Squash and Beyond World Tours are designed to be rigorous both physically and mentally. Participants will train between two and three hours each day. Training will take place in various clubs and fitness centers (Please check each tour for more specific information). We expect participants to be serious squash players! Participants in Squash and Beyond World Tours should aspire to play at the collegiate level.

How safe are the tours?

The first priority of Squash and Beyond World Tours is safety. While events in international tours will never be fully predictable, our operating procedures and professional staff ensure that course activities are as safe as human ingenuity can make them. Since 2002, we have gained a lot of experience in safety, organization and leadership while running Squash and Beyond Camps at Williams College.

Where do you eat on Squash and Beyond World Tours?

All breakfast meals will be served at the hotel the group stays at. Lunch will be served at the squash clubs visited during the tours. Participants and instructors will eat dinner together each night in various local tourist destinations. If you have special dietary needs, be sure to notify the Squash and Beyond office during the enrollment process.

What rules should be aware of?

The rules of Squash and Beyond World Tours are the foundation of a safe, healthy, and enjoyable experience. Participants unable to abide by these rules should not enroll. Breaking these rules will result in dismissal without refund. Tobacco, alcohol and drugs are prohibited. Squash and Beyond World Tours reserve the right to search for illegal substances. Behavior detrimental to the safety or enjoyment of the experience will not be tolerated. Your participation should be enthusiastic. All participants should expect equal attention.

How much spending money should I bring?

In order to cover gifts, personal items, and impulse purchases such as snacks and light/hot drinks, bring no more than $150 per week. We recommend you bring traveler’s checks, cash, or a credit card. We will assist you with currency conversion upon arrival.

Do I need a Passport/Visa?

A passport is required for all international trips, including Canada and Mexico. Make two copies of your passport, leave one at home and carry one tucked away in your luggage. Visa requirements vary. Squash and Beyond World Tours will notify you if a visa is required. Non-USA students must check local visa requirements.

What kind of Insurance coverage is recommended for participants?

Travel Insurance is purchased for USA students traveling internationally in your name to guard against major medical injuries and evacuation. All participants are required to carry personal medical insurance. Check your carrier to be sure if coverage is in effect while on vacation. Medical or dental treatment will be accessed in a reasonable amount of time at the nearest facility. Payment for treatment or emergency transport is the responsibility of your insurance company or family.

Which Health and Vaccinations forms are needed?

Contact your family physician or your local travel clinic for the most up-to-date health information. We will help you to know any required vaccinations or precautions for the country that you are visiting.

How do I call home?

Each camper will call home family within two hours of arrival from the airport. In an emergency we will take any necessary steps to contact families.  We allow campers to bring smart phones with them to each trip so that they can text or call home often. A call home once every few days is fine, otherwise we discourage calls to home and especially friends because they detract from the experience and disrupt the bonding process. NOT CALLING HOME MEANS EVERYTHING IS OK.

What should I bring with me to the Trip?

We encourage participants to bring with them six sets of squash gear. The summer period in Europe or the winter time in NZ could be deceiving at times. We encourage participants to carry some warmer clothes for an extreme situation. In general, the European summer weather should be comfortable. Campers will have the option to do laundry once each week, thus we do not encourage campers to bring too many clothes.

How many pieces of luggage should I bring with me?

Each participant is allowed two pieces of luggage: a squash bag and a small suitcase for clothes. Since we will be traveling in vans, storage room will be limited!

How to contact us?

Our Williamstown office is reachable by phone and e-mail 24 hours a day (413-597-4627 OR 413-884-2629). All problems are handled immediately and the family is always contacted directly.