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Squash and Beyond Camps Summer 2019

Dear Parents,

We look forward to hosting your children at Squash and Beyond Camps at Williams College. We hope this information page will provide you with helpful organizational information regarding our summer camp at Williams. Please feel free to contact me if you have further questions or requests.


Please bring all forms to the registration desk. You may find these forms online.

****** Money for night activities*****


$100 to cover all costs associated with the night activities during the week.


About check-in for 5 days program:

  • When: 12-2pm On Sunday afternoon.
  • Where: West Dorm (look for signs on the road).
  • Parking: follow parking signs

 About check-in for 7 days program:

  • When: 6 pm On Friday afternoon.
  • Where: West Dorm (look for signs on the road)

About check-out

  • When: on Friday after 1 pm
  • Where: West dorm
  • Parking: follow parking signs


What campers should bring for their room?

  • Single bed linens (bed cover, blanket, and a pillow)
  • A small fan for those hot summer nights
  • A large plastic bag for dirty laundry


Do I get a single or a double room?

Most campers will stay in a single room though options for double rooms are available.


What Should I bring for the Bathrooms?

  • Campers need to bring their own shampoo and bath soaps as well as toothbrush, toothpaste and a shower towel.


What squash gear do I need?


  • Squash bag
  • 10 sets of squash uniforms: shorts/skirts, shirts, socks (White uniforms are not required!)
  • Two or three racquets
  • Squash shoes
  • Eye guard
  • Extra grips and strings (optional)


What outdoor gear is required?  

  • One pair of outdoor running shoes for fitness sessions.
  • One pair of soccer shoes (soccer night on Wednesday)
  • Swimsuit
  • Pool towel
  • Hat and sunglasses
  • Sunblock for all outdoor activities

Are all the meals provided during the week of camp?


Yes! Each camper will receive a meal card with 10 meals for all breakfasts and lunches during the week eaten at the Williams’ dining room. All dinners will be eaten in local restaurants. On Sunday night, we will have a pizza night, On Monday we have a burger night at the purple pub, on Tuesday we host a chicken and salad dinner, Wednesday we host a pasta dinner for the campers. On Thursday campers will enjoy a Mexican meal.


How much spending money do the campers need to bring?

We encourage campers to bring no more than $150 for extra spending money. We will collect from each camper $100 on Sunday afternoon for five-night activities (Kayaking adventure, movie night, and Rumblewild mountain park). The rest of the money will stay with the campers for their personal use during the week.


Travel to Williams College

  • Please visit the Williams College website:  for direction to the Williamstown.


  • All four (6) forms: kayaking waver, waver for Rumblewild mountain park, Medical, Medication, Williams waver, Behavior waver are due at the registration desk on Sunday between 12-2pm. Forms can be downloaded at
  • Parents must make sure to sign the medical forms as well, which give permission to the medical staff to treat injured campers. 

Staying for two sessions?

  • Campers staying for two sessions will spend the weekend at the dorm and will be supervised by our coaching staff at all times. The cost associated with staying at the dorm for an extra two night and all meals is $165. Please make the check payable to Squash and Beyond Camps and send it to the address below.

Laundry service 

  • Those campers staying at Williams for two sessions will be able to do their laundry at the dorm for a price of $2 per machine.


Transportation from the airport


Please click on the “Private transportation” icon on the menu bar on our website:


Mail address for letters and packages:

Zafi Levy/ head squash coach

Williams College

Lasell Gym, 22 Spring St.

Williamstown MA, 01267


(P) 413 597 4627

(F) 413 597 4272

(C) 413 884 2629