Squash & French/Summer 2019/July 19-26, July 2- August 9

Program’s cost: $1750 for seven days program

Program overview

For the third year hosted on Williams College campus, Squash and Beyond is pleased to introduce squash programs to combine intensive squash training with language immersion. Each program will enable students to strengthen their squash game and improve their foreign language skills.

The French Language program is for campers grades 7-11, offers a fantastic setting for language study.

These programs is open to squash players who have had at least one year of French language instruction, or equivalent language experience outside the classroom. Our programs are small enough for our language instructors to be able to accommodate a variety of language levels, from second year through advanced.


  • Improve your squash game while training five hours each day.
  • Receive 2 hours of language instruction daily
  • Gain confidence and skill in speaking French or Spanish
  • Enjoy all night activities offered by SQUASH AND BEYOND

25 hours of squash training per week

15 hours of language classes per week

Language Immersion

Our language instructors are native speakers as well as experienced teachers.  The group will meet twice each day, in the morning and afternoon, for formal instruction and structured conversational practice.

Accommodations and supervision

Students, coaches and teachers will live in West Dorm, on the Williams campus. A separate floor will be designated for each language group in order to encourage campers to speak French and Spanish. The group coaches and the language instructor will live with the students and accompany them on all excursions, providing round-the-clock supervision.

Language Requirement

Our language programs are open to high school squash players who have at least one year of instruction in the language of the program or equivalent language experience outside the classroom.  Exceptions may be made, depending on the type of language experience the student has had.  If you are uncertain about whether or not your student’s language background qualifies, please give our office a call.

Our teacher: Sabine Gueritault

Sabine is a translator, French teacher, and language enthusiast. Born and raised in France, her passion for teaching languages started when she spent a year abroad in Florida during her college studies. Since then, language has been central to her work, both as part of the consulting firm she co-founded when she moved to the US thirty years ago, and as a member of the American Translators Association. In addition to her work as a translator, she dedicates part of her time to introducing toddlers and preschoolers to the French language through play sessions, tutoring high school and college students, and leading conversation groups for people of all ages who wish to revisit their practice of French. She has a keen interest in multilingual education as an enrichment of overall cognitive development, and its long-term effects on brain capacity.

Sabine holds an MA in Psychology, a D.E.S.S. in Clinical Psychology (Diploma of Higher Specialized Studies), and a D.E.A. in Applied Psychology (Diploma of Advanced Studies, Third Cycle Doctorate) from the Université Paris Sorbonne. Besides French and English, she is fluent in Spanish and Portuguese, and has lived in Spain, Mexico and Brazil.

Night Activities:

Sunday night: Volleyball tournament

Monday: Ramblewild Mountain park 

Tuesday: Movie night

Wednesday: Kayaking on the Deerfield River 

Thursday:  Soccer night