Squash and statistics/ Summer 2017/ July 16-21


The Williams College Squash and Beyond program will expand in the summer of 2017 to include a Squash and Statistics session for middle school aged campers. As with other Squash and Beyond education programs, our philosophy remains the same: helping campers improve their squash while also promoting their academic enrichment in a fun environment. We live in the digital age— we spend hours on our phones every day, checking social media, taking photos, and sending messages. The amount of data we generate is staggering: more data has been created in the past three years than in all of human history. Much of this data invades our personal space every day, as we are besieged with headlines, advertisements, and videos on our devices.

How do we make sense of the noise and decide how to act? What information can we really trust? A healthy understanding and appreciation of basic statistics is essential to thriving in this digital age. Squash and Statistics campers will learn how better to distinguish truth by practicing techniques to produce insights from raw data. We will collect data, perform analysis, and communicate results through a series of projects using data sets from professional and amateur/junior squash matches, as well as from more traditionally statistics-rich sports like baseball and basketball. Campers will come home with an appreciation of what lies behind the claims that bombard them every day, as well as tools that could ultimately help them in the college admissions process.

How does it works?

This is a seven-day program, beginning the Friday before the squash-only campers arrive. Campers will be complete ten hours of statistics instruction on the first weekend and ten more hours during the week. During the week campers will participate in a statistics class from noon to 2 pm. Campers will not miss out on any squash related activities and will attend


Instructor: Eric Katerman

graduated from Williams College in 2002 with degrees in Mathematics and Philosophy, and received a PhD in Mathematics from the University of Texas at Austin in 2010. Since then, Eric has spent six years in the high tech sector, where most recently he was an early employee of a big data startup that was acquired by Computer Science Corporation in 2013. There he worked in data engineering and data science and spent six months directing an international big data platform team through early 2016. Eric lives with his wife and young daughter in Berkeley, CA and is currently coaching the UC Berkeley Men’s and Women’s Squash teams.

Program’s cost: $1580 for 5 days program 

  • participants in this education program will enjoy a normal squash camp experience as part of the Advance Elite 2 session.