Squash and Writing/ summer 2020/ July 26-31

program’s cost: $1600 for 6 days program

Age: 10-14 

Squash and writing program

The Squash & Writing program offers the same amount of squash training as any other Squash & Beyond camp, with the addition of an intensive writing workshop. Participants will enjoy eight hours of designated writing time, including daily classroom sessions and nightly homework assignments.  After the three-hour morning training session, the S & B writers will convene for ninety minutes of classroom time, focusing on a different style of writing each day.  Campers return to the courts for the two-hour afternoon training session, following by dinner and the entertaining evening activities, with the addition of a short nightly assignment based on ongoing events at Squash & Beyond.  Their efforts culminate in the publication of the S & B Chronicle, an online newspaper covering the events of the week.

This hands-on program will help participants develop the attitudes essential to their long-term success as writers:  curiosity, enthusiasm and confidence, as well as attention to detail. By writing in a range of genres, from expository to evaluative to persuasive, and focusing on tasks such as sporting recaps, movie reviews and op/ed columns, the S & B writers will experience writing beyond the traditional curriculum. At the same time, writing conferences with the instructor and collaboration on a document meant for public view will help the writers to develop and apply editing strategies that will pay dividends when they return to their normal school environment. The Squash & Writing program is limited to twelve participants per class (three classes are offered), and writers of any level are welcome.

How does it works?

The Squash and Writing program offers the same level of squash training as any other squash session during the summer at Squash and Beyond Camps, combining twice-daily training with an intensive writing workshop. After dinner, campers will participate in fun outdoor activities through 9 PM. Upon return from the night activities, each camper will be responsible for completing one hour of homework before going to bed.

Note: all Squash and Beyond writing courses require that students bring a laptop to camp.

The instructor: Chuck Ptak: Nicoles School


Chuck Ptak arrived at Nichols in the fall of 2008. Mr. Ptak is a graduate of Franklin & Marshall College and Wesleyan University (Conn.). While at F&M, Mr. Ptak lettered in both lacrosse and squash, and also served as an assistant lacrosse coach while in graduate school at Wesleyan. In recent years, Mr. Ptak earned two U.S. Squash Coaching Certifications (Levels I and II) at Yale University and is a staff coach at Squash & Beyond camp at Williams College.



Night Activities:

Sunday night: Volleyball tournament

Monday: Ramblewild Mountain park 

Tuesday: Movie night

Wednesday: Kayaking on the Deerfield River 

Thursday:  Soccer night