Squash & music lessons


Whether you’re just learning how to play the piano or you’ve been studying the ‘cello for years, a week of intensive squash training doesn’t mean a week away from music. Just a five minute walk across campus from the squash courts and the dormitory, Williams College’s beautifully appointed Bernhard Music Center is the air-conditioned, Steinway-equipped venue for our Squash and Music program.


How does it works?

In the break between squash sessions, campers will take daily lessons from experienced instructors in the Center’s 23 practice rooms; following the afternoon squash session, they will have to option to return and practice what they learned during the day. As immersive as it is, the Squash and Music program allows campers to engage in the same squash and social activities as those who are at Squash and Beyond solely to play squash.


Squash and Beyond-Music offers instruction in, piano, viola, ‘cello, trumpet, and guitar. If a camper is interested in instruction in another instrument, it is likely we can find an experienced teacher from among the community of talented musicians who call Williamstown home during the summer.


Dates and age groups:

Squash and Music lessons are offered to all ages, throughout the summer with advance booking.

Program’s cost: $1580 for 6 days program. Cost of all music lessons are not included.