Squash and Beyond Driving School / Summer 2018

Available during the following weeks:

July 1-14 sessions

August 6-18 sessions

Program’s cost: Campers pay directly to driving school all cost associate with the driving lessons.

While it might be nice to think that learning to drive under the watchful eye of a parent is one of those teen-age rites of passage that both parties can look back on with a sort of fond nostalgia, there are reasons for driver’s education classes and a market that supports driving schools. Indeed, involving a third party for driving instruction might very well do more to preserve the equilibrium of the parent-child relationship during the teen years than even sending a son or daughter to camp to improve his or her squash game. From a purely practical perspective, taking driving lessons during the school year is difficult for most students to schedule. Furthermore, for many young drivers, the prospect of taking the wheel for the first time in busy urban and suburban areas is intimidating. Given our interest in not only preserving family unity and giving kids a safe, unhurried opportunity to learn to drive, we now offer Squash and Beyond- Driving. Participants in the Squash and Beyond- Driving program will enjoy the same elite squash training while learning to drive through Berkshire-based Dave’s Driving School. Williamstown and the surrounding towns are ideal environment for teenagers to take driving lessons on safe, uncrowded roads.

How it works?

Lessons will be booked early in the day, before training sessions, during lunch break, or after squash each day. Squash and Beyond staff will coordinate all driving logistics for the lessons. During each driving lesson, the student will drive for 1 hour and observe another student driver for 1 hour. Parents pay Dave’s Driving School directly for all lessons.

  • participants will have to Bring instructional permit. Students CAN NOT drive without their permit with them. Photocopies and reproductions are not acceptable.

Night Activities:

Sunday night: Volleyball tournament

Monday: Ramblewild Mountain park 

Tuesday: Movie night

Wednesday: Kayaking on the Deerfield River 

Thursday:  Soccer night