About Squash and Beyond

Squash and Beyond Camps  was founded in 2003 in Williamstown MA by Zafi Levy 01′, head squash coach at Williams College. The camp encompasses five unique branches of squash related programs, hosted on the beautiful and safe campus of Williams College

Squash and Beyond Camps  offers the most in-depth summer squash training experience in the US. Each training session offers fiver hours of intense training and match played. All sessions are taught by some of the best squash coaches in the world!

Squash and Beyond World Tours was established in 2006 in pursuit of broadening cultural experiences for young squash players. It offers enjoyable and diverse squash training experience for participants who want to travel internationally and learn from the best coaches in every city they visit.

Squash and Beyond Education program was established in 2010 and offers a balance of intense squash training with structured education program such as math, science, writing, statistics, College Essay, ACT/SAT prep class, and driving lessons

Squash and Beyond Foreign Language was established in 2011. It is the first program to combine intensive squash training with language immersion. Our language instructors are native speakers as well as experienced teaching associates in the language departments of Williams College.

Squash and Beyond outdoor activities was established in 2016 and is designated for those squash players with passion for golf and fly fishing.

All five programs, US Camps, World Tours, Squash and foreign Language, Squash and outdoors activities, and Squash and Academic programs, give young squash players the opportunity to learn and practice their game in a fun and safe environment with the most knowledgeable squash coaches out there.


In its early stages, Zafi Levy, head coach at Williams College and founder of Squash and Beyond, had a vision for Squash & Beyond. It was to handpick the best squash coaches out there, to provide the best facilities and food for the campers, to ensure that camp would be safe, and that campers enjoy fun and unique outdoor activities each day after training. Campers would not only learn squash, but also would learn team building and social skills they could not develop at other squash camps.

In 2003, Squash & Beyond Camps officially jumpstarted at Williams College in Williamstown, Massachusetts. Then, it had only three weeks of camp and now, in 2017, it offers 15 different programs throughout the summer. Campers spend their days on the courts and their nights attending official camp activities, including playing golf, volleyball, Kayaking trip, and visit to exciting mountain parks.

In 2006, After a successful camp was thriving at Williams College, we discovered a need for a program that offers both squash playing and cultural experience. The premise of Squash and Beyond World is to provide teen squash players an opportunity to travel and learn of different cultures while training with local coaches and junior players. Please visit our Squash and Beyond world page to learn more about the different programs we offer this summer

In 2010, Squash and Beyond Education was added to the Squash and Beyond offering. over the past seven years, the program has expended to seven different education fields ranging from ACT/SAT preparatory classes, math, statistics, science, College Essay, Community work and Even driving school.Please visit our Squash and Beyond Education page to learn more about the different programs we offer this summer.

In 2011, Squash and Beyond Language was added to the Squash and Beyond umbrella of programs offering Spanish and French classes as part of the squash camp. Starting 2016, the Squash and Language courses will be hosted at Williams College in order to provide the campers better facilities, advance squash training, all in a safe and accommodating environment. Please visit our Squash and Beyond Language page to learn more about the different programs we offer this summer.

In 2017, we added Squash and Beyond Outdoors to our list of programs in order to provide campers that hold the passion for outdoor activities such as fly fishing and golf, the opportunity to take part in a squash program that combines these extra curriculum activities. Please visit our Squash and Beyond Outdoors page to learn more about the different programs we offer this summer.